Liam Neeson Shows Up For Free Sandwich

One of Hollywood's "baddest asses", Liam Neeson, was in Vancouver, Canada filming a movie and word quickly spread that he was in the area. Some of the staff at the Big Star Sandwich Company came up with a great idea and invited the movie star to lunch.

They wrote on a sandwich board in front of the shop "Liam Neeson eats here for free" and "Come in and get TAKEN by our sandwiches". The news got back to Neeson who apparently left the movie set, came over to the Big Star Sandwich Company, walked in and calmly asked, "Where is my free sandwich?"

THAT IS SO BAD ASS!!!! Neeson didn't stay to eat but did make time to take some photos with the staff. The post on facebook was awesome! "Holy f**k, it worked"