Girl Puts Doll's Eye in Her Eye Sockets, Gets Stuck


I distinctly remember one day in kindergarten we were making macaroni necklaces. While stinging the dried macaroni onto the necklace I got curious and put a piece in my nose. No big deal, I pulled it out (probably strung it on to the necklace) and kept going.

A few minutes later I tried again, except this piece went up farther than the first one and my little kindergarten fingers couldn't pull this piece of dried macaroni out of my nose. Like a boss I just continued making my necklace, played at recess and finished out the school day.

When I went home that day and told my mom, she had the enviable job to take some tweezers and remove the nose macaroni. This video reminds me of that experience- except I wasn't crying.

A Brazilian girl is said to have been motivated by wanting to have bright blue eyes. However, once she had wedged the piece of plastic under her eyelids, panic started to set in!