Woman Begs City Council For McDonald's McRib


It almost feels like a love story; maybe it is.

Xanthe Pajarillo loves McRibs from McDonald's so much that she not only used the McRib Finder app (yes that's a real app) to locate her beloved boneless pork sandwiches, but she called the McDonald's hotline and even lobbied City Council.

In this viral video, the "McRib Girl" makes an impassioned plea for Santa Clarita city council members to  "help and speak to these McDonald's managers". The lack of available McRib sandwiches apparently ruined the Pajarilla's holiday spirit. As she puts it, "...Thanksgiving... without this McRib is like Christmas without snow.. it doesn't make sense."

None of this makes sense.. but the heart wants what the heart wants. Remember, this is a love story!

PLOT TWIST! One week after the city council video was posted, Xanthe Pajarillofollowed her love speech with a type of breakup song!

Here's hoping that true love prevails....