Lil Wayne's Prison Job Was Suicide Protection

I'm psyched for his book to come out! Next week, October 11th, Lil Wayne is going to release his memoir that he wrote during his eight-month sentence inside Rikers Island. 

Crying as soon as the cell doors shut for the first time, stage fright while rapping for the inmates, and visits from Diddy, Kanye, and Drake are all described in the book. What Wayne goes into with sad detail is the job description of his role as a suicidal prevention aide.

"The job basically is to monitor the tier for and eight-hour shift and if someone wants to hang up (meaning to kill themselves), to not negotiate with them or try to talk them out of it, but just to alert and officer."

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There is a large excerpt from Gone 'Ttil November: A Journal of Rikers Island that you can read HERE but be prepared for explicit language.