Creepy Viral Video May Be Actual Kidnapping


According to

"A video which has been seen on YouTube since 2009, has been taken down as investigators attempt to link it to a missing teen.

On August 11 2009, 15-year-old Kayla Berg went missing after being dropped off at her boyfriend's house in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Just two months later, "Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!" went online.

In the one-minute video, a man referring to himself as Patrick addresses the camera, talking about his new girlfriend he met at the mall and how her brought her back home. He then says:

"I know she hates cameras, Walter, but I'm gonna show you her anyway. You ready?"

At which point he opens a door to reveal what appears to be a girl tied up in a dirty bathroom. The girl screams, "Why are you doing this?!" before the man slams the door behind him.

The video has been debated on forums for years, with people discussing whether it's real or a sick joke. It's possible that was the point of posting the video in the first place.

But after amateur Internet sleuths connected the video to Kayla's case — based on time of disappearance and rough description — the pros have taken over.

Now Antigo police are looking for the man who posted the video seven years ago, as they attempt to determine if it was real or a joke — and if it was Kayla.

Our hearts go out to the missing teen's mother, Hope Sprenger, who discussed the new theory with local reporters HERE "